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Gloriosa Lily

Gloriosa superba

This is a gorgeous soft wooded perennial climber. It grows in full sun or part shade to about 2m and goes dormant in winter. It climbs by the tips of its leaves acting as tendrils which is quite unusual. It has an underground tuber which sustains the plant over winter. I grow it in ground in my garden which is subject to mild frosts and find it re-emerges each year to grow into a beautiful plant. Flowers in early summer with stunning lily like tepals that are bright yellow at the base tapering off to rich red at the apex. No fragrance is discernable. Mulching around the plant is beneficial and watering along with the rest of the garden is all that is needed. Tubers can be lifted and divided every few years to thin out or start new plants. The overall effect is vibrant green foliage topped with the bold splashes of red and yellow flowers. I have these plants in stock in 175mm pots, each with at least 6 tubers.

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