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Garden Begonias

This cane is planted in a shaded spot.

Begonias have long been recognised as excellent potted or container plants, but they really display their beauty when planted in the garden. Work with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney has shown just how good they can be with two garden beds now planted with these amazing plants. Many types can adapt to in-ground growing in this part of the world. Among these are the shrub-like such as Begonia scharffiana and B. luxurians. Many tree begonias are very good in the garden particularly B. undulata, B. 'Pink Rubra' and B. 'Coral Rubra' and many more. There are ground covering begonias such as B. mazae and the rhizomatous types adapt very well to garden positions. We have developed our own rex named B. 'Garden Beauty' which a great plant outside in-ground. All that is needed is well drained soil, bright shade or morning sun then afternoon shade and shelter from frost.

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