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Shade Plants

  • Begonias

    Begonia 'Fall Fashion' with autumn toned foliage, very popular.
    Horticulturists have divided the begonias into many different groups based mainly on their appearance. The big flowers of tuberous begonias are the most spectacular and widely known but the species parents of these are relatively few in number among the more than 1600 species so far described [...]

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  • Shade plants

    Cliveas are wonderful shade loving plants.
    When choosing plants to grow in the shaded garden we need to know two main points - which plants are able to adapt to our shaded conditions and just what are these conditions. As a general rule the deeper the shade the poorer the flowering performance of your plants. Also [...]

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  • Garden Begonias

    This cane is planted in a shaded spot.
    Begonias have long been recognised as excellent potted or container plants, but they really display their beauty when planted in the garden. Work with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney has shown just how good they can be with two garden beds now planted with these amazing plants. Many [...]

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  • Dry shade

    A beaut plant for dry shade
    Now here's a great plant for those dry shaded areas. It's an evergreen shrub that slowly reaches 2 metres. The foliage is glossy and variegated, so much so that its common name is Gold Dust Plant. It can be used for a hedge or screen and is tolerant of dry [...]

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  • Common names

    Common names rule OK, or do they?
    Some customers called in this week looking for a rex begonia vine and because I have a begonia nursery this would be just the place, wouldn't it? Oh oh, common name trap! They were under the impression that a rex begonia vine is a type of begonia which it isn't at all [...]

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  • Gloriosa Lily

    Gloriosa superba
    This is a gorgeous soft wooded perennial climber. It grows in full sun or part shade to about 2m and goes dormant in winter. It climbs by the tips of its leaves acting as tendrils which is quite unusual. It has an underground tuber which sustains the plant over winter. I grow it in [...]

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